The Mystery Lights + Altin Gün


ORE 23,00

La Socoeta’ Psychedelica presenta: The Mystery Lights + Altin Gün+ Dj Henry & Davmatic

THE MYSTERY LIGHTS ’60s garage RnR USA Daptone Records

Mike Brandon and L.A. Solano have been in many different versions of The Mystery Lights under assorted monikers since their teens. In a heroic jump from the small town of Salinas, California to NYC, the band solidified its lineup to also include Alex Amini, Kevin Harris, and Noah Kohll. The explosive live shows gradually became the stuff of legend, as the quintet won their following one fan at a time in dives from Brooklyn to the Bowery. Organically unfolding over the nights months and years, the Lights’ sound has evolved into a fuzz-fueled hopped-up 21st Century take on 60s garage pebbles, and artful 70s punk, that is all their own.

Altin Gun Band
Amsterdam based Turkish psych folk band Altin Gün bring together bassist Jasper Verhulst, guitarist Ben Rider and drummer Nick Mauskovic with Turkish singer Merve Dasdemir and saz and keyboard player Erdinc Yildiz Ecevit, whom they met via Facebook. Jungle By Night percussionist Gino Groeneveld completes the line-up. Together they explore 1970s Turkish sounds by the likes of Selda, Barıs Manço and Erkin Koray

freakbeat / garage / ’60s psych / psych funk / acid rock


LA SOCIETA PSYCHEDELICA è il party visionario di Milano. Per fan di: Rock Psichedelico-Garage-Freakbeat-Popsike-Progressive-Acid Rock-Acid Folk-Krautrock-Paisley Underground-Jam Band-Stoner-Early Hard Rock-Psych Funk.
I membri si ritrovano ogni mese in location diverse. La struttura dei meeting è simile a quella di un party rock con band internazionali che suonano dal vivo e dj che mettono solo vinili, mentre i membri ballano. Segretamente creata nel 2006 da Enrico DjHenry Lazzeri, La Società Psychedelica è ora pronta a dare il benvenuto a nuovi membri.