Sine Confine: Oxhy + Thoom / 18-10-2019


ORE 23,00

Sine Confine: Oxhy + Thoom


Oxhy (UK)

Oxhy is an artist from London who assembles sounds and words into funeral dirges for lifeless worlds and war songs for new ones. This live performance blends voice and melodic noise to expose the demands behind “respite unoffered” (2017) and upcoming releases.

Thoom (LB/US)

Thoom is a project born in Tarik Jdideh, raised in Chicago, IL, and based in Berlin. Tracing this international journey as listeners, we wont be surprised to find shattered traces of digital Arabic percussion and rhythm mixed with aggressive arrangements that call forth the metallic repetition of midwest American industry. Somehow, though, when all motion screeches to a halt, we find we are somewhere else entirely. That is because the Thoom project, just like the woman behind it all, is expansive, eclectic and nomadic. She has worked extensively with experimental music scenes in Chicago, Iowa, and Beirut to curate dynamic and unique musical performances. 2019 has brought a new live performance conceived with her collaborator, Padfut, featuring new and unreleased material. Together, they create an audiovisual meditation that is equal parts masculine and feminine, militant and libidinal, familiar and uncanny.

+ Hazina Djset