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Katap live

“Katap is an electronic music project born from an idea of Fabio Di Miero, Katap’s deus ex machina.
The band name corresponds to the phonetic transposition of “cut-up”, a 50’s creative writing technique whose main concepts of randomness and automation are applied to KATAP’s electronic music and lyrics.
Katap is electronic music fascinating of punk e rock’n’roll music, put in an elastic frame which produces a kaleidoscopic open project where the listeners get involved deep into the sound and into the groove. After several sound approaches, finally, in 2005, by Bustin’Loose (Planet Funk), Katap released a 12 inch, My Trip, which contains the original track My trip plus two remix. My trip garnered positive reviews both with the public and the critics.
In 2007 was released ANTIFORM, the first LP from Katap, produced from Katap and Nut Label distributed by Venus. Antiform contains the hit track Notorious Heart, actually released in several remix, and chosen in 2008 from MEI (italian Meeting of Indipendent Labels) as one of the most representative song of the new independent Italian music scene. Katap went around Italy with their Antiform tour, and took part (2008) in Kaleidoscope Festival with dj/artists such as Apparat and Schneider TM.
Bullet (NutLabel/Audioglobe), the new album, took life between 2010 and 2011, following some ideas experimented during electronic live of Antiform tour.
Different from the previous album, Bullet follows a elektro-punk path; the presence of electric guitars, rough and polemic, creates a sound more tipically live. But the electronic sound is still present, and through the synths, it stands like a alert sentinel producing a heavy and groovy sound where dancefloor crashes into fucking rock’n’roll!”

contatti Katap: info@katap.com
cell. +39.331.5351477